Monday, October 1, 2012

Belated Birthday

I wanted to show some pictures of Madelyn's 3rd Birthday (over a month ago). She had a fabulous Princess in Training Party then we spent her birthday at the Kiddie Park, Zoo and FatHeads for dinner. Whew.......

6 months of busy!

It's hard to think I have not posted anything in months!!! 2012 has been a busy, busy year so far!

Peyton is now walking, or should I say running. He says new random words: papa, dog, cracker, hi, bye, night, movie (his favorite), please, and screams a lot

Madelyn is a little superstar princess and is bound to be a performer. She loves singing, twirling and being the center of attention. She is finally 95% potty-trained and loving life. She started preschool 2 weeks ago and is having fun learning and making new friends.

Our not-so-recent trip to Disney World was very magical for everyone! It was a hot trip filled with characters, good food, great friends and a wonderful batch of memories that we will never forget. Here are some quick highlights.

yeah.... he liked everyone from afar, but not up close.

His girl friend Snow White

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rolling Along

Peyton is movin and groovin lately. He likes to roll around after being changed. Silly baby!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter 2012

A very busy winter so far! 
  • Christmas was very exciting since Madelyn now loves to open presents
  • New Years Eve with the kids. Peyton made it to 11:54pm, Madelyn say the ball drop and kiss us and Midnight
  • The new Aquarium opened in Cleveland
  • Many new invitation projects for myself!!
  • Peyton is growing by the day
  • Madelyn is attempting potty-training

Here are a few pictures from the winter so far! 

Before seeing Santa

"Love my brother"
Santa at the RHFD Christmas Party!

Christmas Eve

Peyton and his cousin Anthony

Christmas morning!


Trucks and Princess Christmas

Happy New Year!!!!!

Seeing Uncle Wally's train

"Look it's a turtle!!"

Watching Nemo

Peyton touching a starfish

This one is my favorite. Peyton's face is priceless

The shark tank


Ava & Madelyn before Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream

More to come in 2012!